Practice Areas

The Law Office of Herbert T. Patty has both legal and scientific expertise to handle various intellectual property (“IP”) matters for the constantly changing information and communication technologies. Professionals at our firm have experience in electrical, electro-mechanical, mechanical, communications, software, computer systems, optical technologies, and other technologies.

In addition, we offer in-depth knowledge of medical devices, fluid and thermodynamics, heat transfer, system-level electronics, advanced materials, virtual reality systems, and other computer-related inventions. We bring depth, scope, and creativity to our domestic and international law practice.

We also provide a full range of portfolio management services. Always aware of clients’ business needs, we apply our worldwide experience to help our clients decide which inventions to patent, where to obtain patent protection, and when to maintain those patents.

Clients have turned to our firm for trademark and copyright guidance and representation. We carefully identify our clients’ IP, devise strategies for selection and clearance, and look for innovative ways to ensure that their marks, creative works, and other materials are protected.

To protect a company’s creative and intellectual capital, legal counsel must effectively prosecute applications for trademarks in every jurisdiction where the company does business. To assist in this effort, we have a team of skilled professionals with a collective of diverse experiences.

Our firm assists clients to establish brand and media licensing programs, patent and technology transfer ventures, service businesses, and software or data licensing initiatives for multiple distribution channels. We work with clients to identify key patents, analyze infringement, and quantify infringement exposure. Many licensing programs are built around instances of known infringement.

Likewise, companies must ensure that their own activities do not give rise to assertions of misappropriating trade secrets from others. These issues are particularly important today as joint ventures, partnerships, and confidential relationships with employees, customers, and vendors have become standard procedures for growing businesses.