Obtaining patents on inventions and innovations is a great way to protect the value of the intellectual property (“IP”). As such, the patenting process is a central element of our firm.

In addition to prosecuting patent applications, we provide a full range of portfolio management services. Aware of clients’ business needs, we apply our diverse set of experiences to help our clients decide which inventions to patent, which jurisdictions they should seek patent protection, and how long they should maintain such patents.

Our firm provides legal services for filing various types of patent applications such as design and utility provisional and non-provisional applications. In addition, our firm provides patent application management, and in particular, patent prosecution services for filed patent applications. Specifically, our firm can manage all correspondence for your matter by responding to office actions dispatched by the Patent Office (“USPTO”) and other actions initiated by third parties.

To meet the financial constraints of many organizations, our firm offers high-end patent services for competitive prices. Our firm is well aware of the economic challenges many companies face and works with clients to meet their IP needs within their budgets. For example, we may suggest to some clients that they should file a provisional application to give them additional time to file a more comprehensive, non-provisional application for their invention. A provisional application allows an inventor to put his or her invention on file at the Patent Office for the least amount of money out of pocket.

Within a year of filing a provisional application, an inventor can save the funds required to file a non-provisional application and in the meantime perform market research to get a sense of the commercial viability of the invention. In addition, attorneys at our firm can arrange that a prior art search is performed to give the inventor some sense of the scope and breadth of their invention. In addition, we also provide post-patent issuance services such as patent portfolio management and licensing.

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