Licensing Intellectual Property (IP) provides companies with an opportunity to generate additional revenue streams and form partnerships with other innovative companies in the industry. For example, start-ups and solo inventors have the opportunity to commercially exploit their IP through merchandising products in addition to licensing their patents and other IP. Likewise, larger companies may have an opportunity to license IP no longer critical to their business success.

Our Firm helps organizations establish licensing programs such as patent and technology transfer ventures and software and data licensing initiatives for various distribution channels. We work diligently with clients to identify evidence of infringement and quantify infringement exposure. Once a licensing program is established, our firm actively participates in the licensing process to aid clients to resolve any infringement matters that may arise.

In particular, our firm can develop and implement a company’s offensive and defensive IP licensing strategy. For example, our firm can evaluate a company’s market position and create a licensing strategy for each competitor based on product and service relatedness, market position, and annual sales and profit.

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